Beautiful beach and vacation villas at Sapodilla Bay Beach The calm and shallow Sapodilla Bay Beach.
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Sapodilla Bay

Beach Information
No Lifeguard
No Littering
No Loud Music or Noise
No Open Fires
No Rock Balancing
Stay on Paths
Watch for Boats
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Sapodilla Bay is a small sheltered cove that offers shallow water. A number of food, drink, and water sports vendors operate from the beach, which creates a busier atmosphere than what is found at other beaches.
5-star rating for Sapodilla Bay by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands
The beach and horizon at Sapodilla Bay
The calm and beautiful Sapodilla Bay Beach.

Sapodilla Bay is found off the south coast of Providenciales near Chalk Sound, and is a beautiful 900-foot (275-meter) long stretch of sheltered beach. The water here is very shallow, calm, and clear, and the typically calm conditions can be excellent for families and those visiting with small children.

This beach is a 10-mile (16 km) drive from the central tourism region and resorts of Grace Bay.

Sapodilla Bay offers an interesting setting. There are luxury vacation villas on the beach and surrounding coastal cliffs, private yachts anchor in the bay, and the nearby Chalk Sound area is beautiful.

The ocean water temp in the Turks and Caicos is always great, yet the sheltered coast of Sapodilla Bay and Taylor Bay tend to have even warmer water due to localized heating by the sun.

Beach vendors in the Turks and Caicos
Beach vendors at Sapodilla Bay Beach.

The world-famous Grace Bay Beach of course sees far more guests, however, Sapodilla Bay can feel a little more crowded on busy days due to the limited extent of the beach.

Beach Vendors

A number of vendors operate from small stalls and shade canopies on the beach, and provide food, drinks, chair and umbrella rentals, and water sports. There’s typically music being played and jet skis running about in the water off the beach. This busy atmosphere tends to be appreciated by some, and disliked by others. Those seeking peace and quiet will likely be better served by visiting Taylor Bay, which is a very short drive to the west.

Marine Wildlife and Snorkeling

The underwater sights at Sapodilla Bay do not compare well with the exquisite snorkeling sites of Smith's Reef and the Bight Reef, however, there are some ocean creatures to spot.

If you’d like to snorkel, colorful reef fish, sea urchins, and small amounts of coral can be seen at the foot of the small coastal cliffs.

Off the adjacent cliffs and pier, it’s also possible to see schools of bonefish, barracudas, stingrays, and eagle rays. Conch and starfish may also be seen in the seagrass patches in the area.

It’s important to beware of jet skis and other watercraft when snorkeling.

The Sand at Sapodilla Bay

Sapodilla Bay Beach in the Turks and Caicos
The small yet sheltered Sapodilla Bay Beach offer calm and shallow water.

Every beach in the Turks and Caicos is unique, and one of the interesting aspects of Sapodilla Bay is its white, very fine, silt-like sand. Nearly all of the beach sand in the Turks and Caicos is of coral and shell origin, much of which is produced near the barrier reefs.

The Caicos Banks is an extensive and shallow sandy marine plateau that extends to the south of the Caicos Islands. Sapodilla Bay is located on the far downwind side of these banks, and the sand that is accreted at the bay has traveled a great distance, and thus has been worn and becomes very fine-grained.

In contrast, Malcolm’s Road Beach on the remote west coast is quite close to an extensive reef system, and consequently, the sand is irregular, coarse (which actually means it’s very soft to step on), and peach-hued.

Nearby Sights and Attractions

Perfect weather at Sapodilla Bay Beach
Morning at Sapodilla Bay.

When visiting Sapodilla Bay, there are a few other sights and coasts that you’ll likely want to see, especially if you’ve made the drive across the island from Grace Bay, Leeward, or Long Bay.

Chalk Sound National Park is the foremost attraction in the area, and a globally unique landscape. This vibrant turquoise lagoon features hundreds of tiny limestone islands.

Adjacent to Sapodilla Bay is a site of historical interest: the Sapodilla Bay Hill Rock Carvings. This 50-foot (15 m) hill features fascinating panoramic views over Chalk Sound, the beaches, the villas, and the country’s primary freight port of South Dock.

A nearby beach that’s similar in atmosphere to Sapodilla Bay is Taylor Bay. This coast is a little larger, yet is more difficult to find and get to.

The closest restaurant to Sapodilla Bay is the excellent Las Brisas Restaurant. This establishment also rents kayaks in Chalk Sound, and offers a sightseeing boat cruise in the lagoon as well.


Sapodilla Bay Beach is one of the safest beaches (from the perspective of ocean conditions) on Providenciales. The water is shallow and calm, currents and waves are very unusual (typically only experienced during passing tropical cyclones and hurricanes), and there are no hidden dangers or underwater hazards near the beach. Be aware of reckless watercraft use.

Rental Villas


Beach Accesses

Clear and shallow ocean water at Sapodilla Bay Beach
Sapodilla Bay Beach from the water.

It’s straightforward and simple to find Sapodilla Bay. Two access and parking areas are found here: one at each end of the beach.

Sapodilla Hill Access

The Sapodilla Bay Hill Beach Access 🡓 is located on the southern side of the beach, and shares a parking area with the Sapodilla Bay Hill Rock Inscriptions trail. There’s ample parking space, and a short path between two villas to the beach. The road for this access is found close after the start of Chalk Sound Drive, the main road in the Chalk Sound peninsula.

Shortly after making the turn from South Dock Road onto Chalk Sound Drive (330 feet or 100 m), an unpaved road is located on your left. You’ll know you’re in the right area if you see the small Chalk Sound police station.

The unpaved road terminates after a short distance at the parking area for the beach and hill path for the rock carvings.

North Access

Clear ocean and moored yachts at Sapodilla Bay Beach
Yachts moored off Sapodilla Bay.

The North Beach Access 🡓 is located at the northern end of the beach.

After entering Chalk Sound Drive at the police station, simply continue .3 miles (.5 km) (you’ll pass the unpaved road on the left for the Sapodilla Hill access, and the entrance for Las Brisas), and you’ll arrive at an open unpaved parking area on your right. Be aware that there is not an established parking area at this access, and cars often park partially on the road. Take great care with children, as drivers on Chalk Sound Drive often speed.

To get to the beach, you’ll have to walk across the road and down a short sandy path.