The beach on the western end of Long Bay.
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Long Bay Providenciales

One of the luxury villas at Long Bay.

This page refers to the inland residential region of Long Bay. For the beach, see Long Bay Beach.

Long Bay is a low density residential region on Providenciales. Along with the many homes and rental accommodations, the attraction of The Hole and South Bank Marina are also located here. This area is bordered by Heaving Down Rock to the east, and Juba Sound and Turtle Tail to the west.

Recently, two projects, the Shore Club Resort and a high school, have begun to change the atmosphere of Long Bay.

Long Bay Beach

The beautiful and excellent kiteboarding spot of Long Bay Beach lines the southern coast of this region. Private home and luxury rental villas are found on this beach, but the density is much lower than what is found at other popular beaches.

There are rocky patches on the western end of the beach, but overall the coast offers shallow turquoise water with a clean white sandy bottom.

Two miles off the coast is the wreck of the La Famille Express a ship that started life as Soviet oil rig service ship and later became a Dominican freighter. This ship was grounded on the shallows of the Caicos Banks during the 2004 Hurricane Frances, where it has been stuck ever since. It has become somewhat of a tourist attraction, and is visited by boat cruises and jet skies.

Long Bay Hills

Aerial view of the Long Bay region of Providenciales.

The interior of the Long Bay Region is referred to as Long Bay Hills. This residential area consists of several ridges of hills that run parallel with the beach.

The inland northern-most hill is the highest elevation in the regions and offers beautiful views over Juba Sound. The Karst process sinkhole of The Hole is found at the summit of this ridge.


The field walls and ruins of an unidentified plantation remain standing in the eastern side of Long Bay. Evidence suggests that this site may have raised cotton, but unfortunately what little remains is gradually being overtaken by modern construction.

To the east of Long Bay is Bird Rock Trail and Crist Point, where minor ruins of a similar age to the plantation can still be seen, but it’s unclear what exactly these were for.

The La Famille Express wreck.

Map & Location