The popular Sweet T's in Downtown Providenciales.
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Providenciales Fast Food, Take-out, & Delivery

roast beef sandwich and french fries at a Turks and Caicos restaurant
Roast beef sandwich and fries at a local restaurant.

Providenciales doesn’t have any of the globally-famous fast food chain restaurants, yet there are several options for a quick takeaway meal.

Both the Graceway IGA and Graceway Gourmet supermarkets offer a wide range of prepared and hot foods, including chicken, fish, sides, salads, sandwiches, pizza and more.

In the Downtown region of Providenciales, there are many small take out establishments, serving food ranging from fried chicken and fish, to local and Caribbean flavours such as conch fritters, soups and stews, and fried plantains. One of the best known fast food places on Providenciales is Sweet T’s, which cooks a simplified menu of fried chicken wings and French fries at a price that can’t be beat.

At the Leeward area on the eastern end of the island is The Market at Blue Haven Resort, a small supermarket and deli that offers sandwiches, baked goods, coffee, and cold drinks.

Once unheard of in the Turks and Caicos, delivery is now offered at some Grace Bay eateries. The service typically isn’t offered to some of the more remote residential and villa communities on Providenciales such as Chalk Sound, Turtle Tail and Silly Creek, yet it’s a convenient option for those staying in the Grace Bay region.


wings and fries at Fairways Restaurant
Wings at Fairways Bar and Grill

Pizza varies greatly on Providenciales. There are more restaurants serving this international favourite now than ever.

Graceway IGA and Graceway Gourmet sell ready-made pizza by the slice, and make pies to order as well.

Pizza Pizza, which has locations in Grace Bay and on Leeward Highway, are popular and long-established restaurants that offer great pizza.

Several of the top Italian restaurants serve gourmet pizza now. Bella Luna in Grace Bay offers a dedicated pizza garden and delicious thin-crust pies that may be garnished with a wide selection of fresh speciality toppings.

Did You Know?

Providenciales once had a Kentucky Fried Chicken! In the mid-1990s, a proper KFC restaurant, complete with a drive-through, opened its doors in the Downtown region of Providenciales. However, disagreements between the local franchise and corporate over ingredient sources and unapproved menu items (fried conch!) put an end to the experiment.

Chicken Chicken
Take-Out, Restaurant...
Chicken Chicken is located in the Downtown area of Providenciales. Serving a menu of fried chicken and take-away, this is a favorite local stop for an inexpensive lunch.
Danny Buoy's
Bar, Restaurant...
Found in Grace Bay and within walking distance of many of the resorts, Danny Buoy’s is an Irish pub themed restaurant and bar. Live music on Wednesdays and karaoke on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Graceway Gourmet
Supermarket, Liquor Store...
Graceway Gourmet is a mid-sized supermarket with a large selection of prepared hot foods, salads and sandwiches. Tables and chairs are provided outside in the shade for customers.
Graceway IGA
Supermarket, Liquor Store...
Centrally located on Providenciales at Graceway Plaza on Leeward Highway, this is the largest supermarket in the Turks and Caicos. Along with a full selection of grocery and alcohol, this store also offers prepared food and an onsite coffee shop.
Mother's Pizza
Pizza, Restaurant...
Specializing in large American-style pies, Mother’s Pizza is located in Downtown Providenciales. Dough is made fresh daily and sauce is specially blended from scratch. Dine in or take out. Delivery available.
Pizza Pizza (Grace Bay)
Restaurant, Pizza...
Pizza and Italian fare. Dine in, take out or delivery. Centrally located in Grace Bay.
Sweet T's
Take-Out, Restaurant...
One of the oldest take-away restaurants on Providenciales, this is a local favourite for fried chicken and is also one of the least expensive places to get lunch on the island. Located downtown near the airport roundabout.
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