Graceway Gourmet supermarket Graceway Gourmet supermarket, located in the heart of Grace Bay.
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Graceway Gourmet

Dolphin Drive, Grace Bay, Providenciales
Opening Hours
Open Daily 7:00 AM–9:00 PM
Graceway Gourmet is within easy walking distance of many of the Grace Bay resorts.

Graceway Gourmet is a mid-sized supermarket located in the heart of Grace Bay, only a few minutes’ walk from the world-famous Grace Bay Beach, and a convenient location for visitors staying in the Grace Bay area. The upscale grocery store is known for being a pit stop where customers can not only find everyday essentials, but also specialty brands of food and products that aren’t available elsewhere.

For those looking for vegetarian, gluten-free, or sugar-free options, they’re bound to find several options to choose from as they stroll down any of the aisles in Graceway Gourmet. The supermarket also features many organic foods for health-conscious customers. Additionally, Graceway Gourmet is popular for its large selection of international brands. Waitrose-branded sauces and herbs are available for purchase and are regularly in stock at the supermarket.

For those in search of toiletries, Graceway Gourmet has a wide selection of travel-sized products to ensure that customers have just the right amount of whatever they need during their time in the Turks and Caicos. The supermarket also carries beach essentials such as sunscreen, sunglasses, and beach floaties.

Above: The produce section at Graceway Gourmet supermarket.   Top right:  Top left:  The wine and alcohol section.   Bottom right:  Top right:  The meat and seafood selection.  

Prepared Food and Takeout

Deli counter at Graceway Gourmet
Graceway Gourmet has a salad bar, hot and cold prepared food sections, a pizza oven, and a custom sandwich and sub counter.

In addition to the everyday necessities in stock, Graceway Gourmet also has ready-to-serve hot meals for breakfast and lunch every day. The supermarket’s boiled fish and grits will give customers a taste of a true local breakfast, as well as its lunch menus that feature meals inspired by other cultures that have become staples in the Turks and Caicos. Whether you’re craving a freshly made large stone-baked pizza, or you’re in the mood for just a slice or two, Graceway Gourmet has enough options that will surely satisfy.

At Graceway Gourmet, visitors will also find a range of international cuisines. The options usually on offer include Greek salad, specially made pastas, couscous, and more. For hungry customers who are feeling creative, the supermarket also offers a salad bar that allows visitors to create their own customized salad.

Customers can also find specialty-made sandwiches and wraps at the supermarket, one of the most popular being the three-meat Italian sandwich. Patrons can also order filling deli, fruit, and vegetable platters, as well as wing trays for those planning to have a large gathering. Graceway Gourmet also has a wide selection of wines and beers available for purchase, including the popular local brews by Turk's Head Brewery, making the grocery store an important pit stop for anyone planning a party. Take note, however, that supermarkets are not permitted to sell alcohol on Sundays, so if you’re planning a Sunday gathering, be sure to get your alcoholic purchases the day before.

There is also a Java Bar conveniently located in the supermarket where baristas can make customers a variety of gourmet coffees, pressed juices, and smoothies. The coffee bar’s Kale Me Crazy juice, made with kale, pineapple, cucumber, green apple, lemon, and ginger is a popular choice for those who need a quick pick-me-up. Looking for a heart-healthy option? The Run Rabbit Run, made with radish, carrot, spinach, romaine hearts, ginger, and parsley, is also a good pick. If you’d like to sit outside in the fresh air to enjoy your purchases, the supermarket also has shaded outdoor seating, along with free Wi-Fi to keep customers connected while they relax.

Located in Grace Bay

Grace Bay is located on the central northern side of Providenciales, and is the center of tourism, upscale shopping, and dining in the Turks and Caicos. World-famous Grace Bay Beach borders this region, and many of the island’s resorts and hotels are located in the area.