Private car service in Turks and Caicos Fast Track's private car service at a villa on Providenciales.
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Turks and Caicos Car Services

Private transport service car and SUV on Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
Private car service at Turtle Tail on Providenciales. Most services use luxury SUVs or spacious town cars.

Booking a car service has several advantages over a taxi. Rates are usually fixed per ride (due to the small size of the island) and rates are limited by law to be between $40 and $120 per car. Taxis instead are priced per person, so those in a large group will find the pricing model of car services more favorable than taxis.

Taxis typically use a Ford E-Series van, whereas car services usually use high-end luxury SUVs.

Price Compared to Taxis

If you’re two people going from a Grace Bay hotel or resort to a nearby restaurant, a taxi will be cheaper. If you’re a large group (4 or more persons) traveling between settlements, a car service may be a better, more comfortable choice.

The taxi fare for travel from the Providenciales International Airport (PLS) to Grace Bay is between $28 and $32 for two people, and then an additional $14 to $16 per person. More than two bags may incur a fee of $4 per bag.

A taxi for 5 persons, each with two pieces of luggage, from the airport to Grace Bay will cost between $102 and $112. Note that this is the maximum fare, and it may be possible to negotiate a lower price. However, be advised that some taxis will charge higher than the Government-mandated fare.

A car service would charge a maximum of $120 for this trip, with up to 6 persons and no extra bag fees (provided they fit in the vehicle).

Airport Car Service and Airport Transfers

SUV interior
Interior of LIV Transport SUV. Most private car services in the Turks and Caicos operate modern premium SUVs.

For those arriving at the Providenciales International Airport (PLS), you won’t have to wait for a taxi (although taxi queues are typically not that long), and for those in a larger group the extra fee is minimal over a taxi.

The driver will typically meet you right outside the arrivals hall. For those who have booked an airport fast-track service, it’s possible to book a car service as part of the fast-track service.

Rates, Drivers, and Availability

All private-hire car services must be licensed by the Road Safety Department and you’ll see an orange sticker on passenger door glass, showing the registration date and expiry.

All public service vehicles, including car services and taxis, must display the orange sticker. License plates were previously either a blue lettering PSV (Public Service Vehicle), or colorful ‘TCI Taxi’ license plate, however since the 2019 redesign, all vehicle plates of all types are black lettering on a white background.

Car Selection and Type

Most car services use Chevrolet Suburbans or similar SUV body-style vehicles, although smaller town cars are also offered.

Car service companies in the Turks and Caicos have a smaller fleet of a couple vehicles, due to Government quotas.

Car Service at Villas

Many of the villas on Providenciales are located a distance from the main tourist areas. For travel between the main tourist areas and airport on Providenciales, there is a fixed rate sheet for taxis, but as the villas are outside of these areas, the standard fares generally don’t apply.

As such, using a car service can be cheaper than a taxi if going to and from a villa, as they are capped at $120 and charge per car, not per passenger (as with a taxi).

Booking and Reservations

Some companies allow you to book online via a debit or credit card. It’s recommended to book direct with a company for the best rates.

Turks and Caicos Car Service Companies

Fast Track Transport
Fast Tack Transport is a luxury private car service, with punctual and impeccable rides via Chevrolet Suburban SUVs or BMW 5 Series cars. VIP car service is perfect for airport transfers or general transportation needs at Providenciales and Grace Bay.
LIV Transport
LIV Transport is a professional private car service, based on the island of Providenciales. The company provides punctual transport via elegant and modern full-size luxury SUVs. Services include Providenciales airport transits and general VIP car service for Grace Bay and the island.