The beach at Thompson Cove and luxury villa The sheltered Thompson Cove Beach.
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Thompson Cove Beach

Beach Information
No Lifeguard
Sea Urchins
Editor's Comments
The beach here is not great and getting to the beach is difficult due to accesses being blocked. Decent snorkeling can be found on the coral heads and seagrass beds off the beach.
1-star rating for Thompson Cove Beach by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands
Thompson's Cove Beach, Providenciales.

Found between Babalua Beach and Blue Hills Beach, this is a very small coast located near the entrance canal into the residential area of Thompson Cove.

Almost the entirety of the north coast of Providenciales consists of beach, and this coastline is only interrupted by the entrance canals into Turtle Cove Marina and Thompson Cove, and the coastal cliffs fronting the nearby Blue Mountain area.

Several rental vacation villas are found in Thompson Cove which tends to be a very quiet neighborhood, although centrally located.

The Beach and Ocean Conditions

Horseback riding in shallow water off of Thompson Cove Beach in the Turks and Caicos
Horseback riding off of Thompson Cove Beach.

Thompson Cove beach isn’t great for swimming as the water here is shallow with lots of broken coral, sea urchins, and seagrass. There are some snorkeling sites a few hundred feet out, but the superior Smith's Reef is a far better choice in terms of underwater sights.

Coastal engineering in the form of rock jetties and groins has taken place at several locations fronting residences, and these have created small beaches that are a bit larger and more consistent than the natural beaches.

When in the water, be aware of boats entering the canal. The waterway sees very little traffic, yet it’s best to watch for vessels.

Beach Accesses

All old beach accesses have been blocked off. To get to this Thompson Cove Beach, it’s necessary to walk up the coast from adjacent Blue Hills Beach.