aerial view of kiteboarders at Fort George Cay Kiteboarding adventure at Fort George Cay with Jedi Kite.
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Jedi Charters

South Bank Marina, 1 Long Bay Highway, Long Bay, Providenciales
boat on turquoise water
Jedi Kite's boat OB1, a 29-foot power catamaran.

Helmed by Captain Kaja, Jedi Charters is a custom boat charter and eco-tour company that organizes tailored private charters and kiteboarding experiences around the Turks and Caicos Islands. Focusing on off-the-beaten-path, remote experiences that highlight the islands' superb natural environment and wildlife, Jedi Charters designs trips to areas like Half Moon Bay and North, Middle, and West Caicos aboard their 29-foot power catamaran OB1, which comfortably holds up to 10 passengers.

Private Boat Charters

Jedi offers private half-day, full-day, and sunset charters. Half-day charters are a popular choice for visitors interested in nature and the marine environment. This four-hour cruise explores attractions and natural features in the vicinity of Providenciales (or 'Provo' for short) and its neighboring cays.

Boat and pod of humpback whales in the Turks and Caicos
Jedi Kite and a pod of humpback whales in the Turks and Caicos.

Popular stops include Half Moon Bay, one of the primary habitats for the endemic Turks and Caicos Rock Iguana, and the islands' barrier reef, which is home to a multitude of species, from turtles, stingrays, and reef sharks to parrot fish, angel fish, and grouper. The tour typically includes snorkeling, subwinging, and beach-hopping. Sometimes, you can spot wild dolphins.

A full-day charter is best for exploring more remote locations in the Turks and Caicos. This tour accounts for the longer travel time to reach quieter islands like North, Middle, West, and even South Caicos by boat (it takes two hours to reach the latter from Provo). With the extra hours, you can spend time on land, too, exploring the beaches or scenic cliffs of West Caicos or encountering wild donkeys and lush hillscapes on South Caicos.

A full-day charter is the ideal experience for visitors looking to stray from the beaten path and fully immerse themselves in the wild, back-country beauty of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Booking a full-day charter in the winter months is your best chance to spot the pods of humpback whales that migrate through the Turks and Caicos each winter.

Above: Exploring some of the remote and spectacular beaches in the Turks and Caicos with Jedi Kite.   Top right:  Top left:  Snorkeling with the cute baby Atlantic bottlenose dolphin Dreamer. The reefs and seagrass beds in the Turks and Caicos support a wonderful collection of interesting animals.   Bottom right:  Top right:  Exploring the amazing beaches and islands in the Turks and Caicos.  

Downwind Kite Safaris

Kiteboarder at Half Moon Bay Lagoon
Kiting at Half Moon Bay Lagoon with Jedi Kite.

The Turks and Caicos Islands are known the Caribbean over for their spectacular kiteboarding conditions, specifically for riding downwind (or "downwinders"). Kiteboarding is an exciting way to see the islands and their crystal-clear waters from a unique vantage point, often with only a few other riders in your vicinity. You can glide along calm mangrove channels, surf the barrier reef, and cruise along secluded, white-sand beaches.

Jedi Charters offers supervised private and public kiteboarding safaris at sites across the country, from the cays off Providenciales to Grand Turk. Downwinder trips can range from 1–5 hours. Water and snacks are included.

Optimal wind conditions allow year-round kiteboarding in Turks and Caicos, though some locations are more predictably good than others. Jedi can recommend the best location depending on the type of kiting you want to do and the day's conditions. You can choose a specific spot for the day or book a full-day tour to explore different kite sites across the country.

Above: Jedi Kite at the Middle Caicos Ocean Hole, which is perhaps the widest blue hole on Earth.   Top right:  Top left:  Starfish at a secluded beach in the Turks and Caicos.   Bottom right:  Top right:  Jedi Kite setting up on an uninhabited cay in the Turks and Caicos.  

Located at South Bank Marina

South Bank Marina is an upscale marina, port of entry, and vessel service and repair site that caters to yachts and recreational vessels. High-quality fuel is available, as well as a wide range of repair, maintenance, and marine concierge services.