Cooper Jack Beach, Turks and Caicos The calm and clear waters of Cooper Jack Bay Beach.
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Cooper Jack Bay Beach

Beach Information
No Lifeguard
No Rock Balancing
Watch for Boats
Coral Sumac Trees
Risk of Falling
Hidden Dangers
Toxic Plants Present
Calm water at Cooper Jack Beach on Providenciales
Sand, sea, and cliffs at Cooper Jack Bay Beach.

Cooper Jack Bay Beach is found off the central south coast of Providenciales. This beach is about 1000 feet (300 meters) long and is surrounded by low coastal cliffs. At high tides, much of this beach is submerged. This beach is found on the coast of the Cooper Jack Bay region.

Cooper Jack Bay is an interesting place to explore, yet from the perspective of a beach, it doesn’t offer anything over the other excellent Providenciales beaches. There’s no snorkeling here, yet the coast can be acceptable for swimming during calm conditions.

Interesting flotsam and beachcombing can be found hidden between the rocks at the high tide point. There’s driftwood, bottles, fishing floats, and more.

An impressive view over southern Providenciales can be had from the tops of the hills above the beach, where the elevation reaches about 100 feet (30 m). The tiny Cooper Jack Rock can also be seen close off the coast.

Caves and Sinkholes

Cave at Cooper Jack Beach in the Turks and Caicos
Sinkhole with a natural bridge at Cooper Jack Bay Beach. This has since been destroyed and filled in for a villa development.

The cliffs above Cooper Jack Beach once were home to a number of interesting small caves and sinkholes, which were formed by the Karst process of dissolution.

These features included dozens of sinkholes banana pit caves, and several natural rock arches, many of which displayed fascinating and intricate limestone stratification patterns.

A small nature park also existed at the site, with paths around some of the formations, and stone carvings of animals and pirates. Unfortunately, nearly all caves and features were destroyed and filled in 2022 for a luxury villa development.


Due to the cliffs and uneven ground, care should be taken when visiting Cooper Jack Bay Beach with children. Likewise, the poisonous coral sumac (Metopium Toxiferum) tree is also common to the area, and usually causes skin rashes if touched.

The largest section of beach in the Cooper Jack Bar area is located near the inlet into South Side Marina. Be aware of vessel traffic when swimming in the area.

Beach Access

The Main Access 🡓 to Cooper Jack Bay Beach is found near the end of Seaview Drive, off of Cooper Jack Bay Road. A footpath leads for about 100 feet (30 meters) through the vegetation to the top of the small sea cliff with the beach below. There are no stairs to the bottom of the cliffs, yet it isn’t very difficult to climb down.