Manta House vacation rental villas on Duke Street in Cockburn Town Manta House, Grand Turk.
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Grand Turk Hotels, Resorts, & Villas

Where to Stay on Grand Turk

The gate on Duke Street for the Salt Raker Inn on Grand Turk
The Salt Raker Inn, Grand Turk.

The accommodations offered on Grand Turk are generally confined to small boutique hotels and vacation rental villas. Many of the hotels and villas offer amenities that complement a laid-back vacation, such as breakfast or the complimentary use of bicycles, snorkel gear, and water sports equipment.

Accommodation Locations

Grand Turk is a relatively small island, and many accommodations are situated on or near one of the island’s beaches.

The majority of lodgings are found on the central west coast, often quite close to either English Point Beach, Cockburn Town Beach, or Pillory Beach.

Several vacation rental villas and guest houses are found on the bluffs near Light House Road. This area is located on the northeast side of the island, and offers a bit more seclusion.

A room at the colonial Turk's Head Inne
Bedroom at the Turk's Head Inne.

For those staying for extended periods of time, inland apartment rentals are available as well.

If your chosen place to stay is located in or quite near to Cockburn Town, you’ll likely be able to do without a rental vehicle or taxi for at least most of your stay. However, most of the other regions on Grand Turk are a bit too far of a walk from the restaurants and supermarkets to be pleasant, so a rental car is typically necessary.

How to Get the Best Rates

You’ll likely get the best rate if you directly contact the accommodation via email or telephone. Before doing so, it however definitely makes sense to do a bit of online research on the prices so as to have a bargaining point.

Deposits will usually be required upon booking (up to 25%) and the balance on arrival. Daily rates range from about $150 a night for a simple villa up to $300 for a full-service hotel room.

Keep in mind that some vacation rentals may simply be a single room or suite, whereas others are full-fledged and stand-alone villas on the beach.

What’s the Best Time of Year to Stay on Grand Turk?

The answer depends on how you’d like to spend your vacation. Due to the freezing weather to the north, the Turks and Caicos is busiest during the winter months. Room and activities rates are lowest in early and late summer.

For divers, the winter months tend to have better sightings of larger sea creatures such as manta rays, leatherback turtles, whales, and sharks. However, the summer months experience calmer weather (at least when a tropical depression isn’t near!), which is definitely optimal for snorkeling and diving.

For some outdoor activities, the temperature during the peak summer months of July, August, and September can be oppressive.

Unlike some of the other islands in the Turks and Caicos, mosquitoes are rarely an issue on Grand Turk due to the island’s small size, and the lack of sheltering heavy vegetation.