Rental scooters on South Caicos Harbour Adventures offers a fleet of modern and reliable scooters.
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Harbour Adventures Rentals

Cockburn Harbour, South Caicos
Harbour Adventures rents jeeps and scooters on South Caicos.

Harbour Adventures is a small family-owned car and scooter rental agency located in Cockburn Harbour, South Caicos. It’s run by South Caicos natives Kenric and Carla Hall.

Car and Scooter Rentals

The business was started in 2016 and has a large fleet of scooters and a few Jeep Wranglers for rent. If you’re interested in renting a jeep, we advise making a reservation in advance as the company only has a few vehicles and they do book out.

Reservations and Rental Requirements

Reservations can be made by calling or emailing them directly.

To rent a vehicle, you’ll need a valid driver’s license and credit card. If you are under 25, contact them in advance as their age policies vary by vehicle type.

Driving Tips

Scooters for rent
Harbour Adventures rents scooters and jeeps.

When driving scooters, ensure that you take plenty of water with you, and use the provided helmets. We also advise sunglasses (for dust) and sunscreen (the sun intensity is significantly higher than in North America).

Some unsurfaced roads have sharp rocks. Exercise caution when driving, especially in roads with deep ruts. The sidewalls on tires are generally significantly thinner than the bottom treads, and the sidewall is the part of the tire that is usually punctured by rocks.

Located in Cockburn Harbour

Cockburn Harbour is the primary settlement on South Caicos, and the center of most of the island's activity. The region is located on the southwestern coast and near a beautiful and sheltered natural anchorage. The area is home to the majority of the island's residents, shops, and services.