The Cove on South Caicos The Cove Beach is located on the sheltered Bell Sound Lagoon on South Caicos.
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Cove Beach

South Caicos
Beach Information
Do Not Feed Iguanas
Do Not Take Artifacts
Do Not Take Shells or Coral
Do Not Touch Fish or Coral
No Lifeguard
No Fishing
The crystal clear water at the Cove Beach.

The Cove Beach is located north of Bell Sound on the western side of the peninsular, nearby to Sailrock Resort. The Cove Restaurant + Beach Bar is also located here, which offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a casual beach setting.

This beach is part of the greater Bell Sound National Park area of South Caicos. As such, fishing is prohibited both from the beach and within the sound.

This is usually the preferred beach for guests of the resort, as the eastern beach (Long Beach) can be a bit choppy at times. Due to the Cove Beach’s sheltered locations, it’s usually quite calm. To the northeast is a non-contiguous portion of the beach which is also rather nice.


This beach is located west of Sailrock Resort, on the northeastern part of Bell Sound. It’s a short walk from the resort (0.3 miles, or 0.5 km), and there are complimentary shuttles back and forth for guests. Simply inquire at the front desk or the beach bar for a ride.

To the north of the beach is the small islet of Iguana Cay (not to be confused with Little Water Cay (Iguana Island) near Providenciales).

Due to the location of this beach, there is generally no seaweed or flotsam present, and it’s frequently raked and cleaned for guests.

Getting Here

To get to the Cove Beach, simply follow the road to Sailrock Resort and Plandon Cay Cut Beach. It’s the left turn right before Sailrock Resort (150 feet before, or 50 meters), and it’s a short 500-foot (150 m) drive down the access road.


Secluded beach on South Caicos
The Cove is perfect for water sports such as Hobie Cat sailboats, kayaks, and paddleboards.

Sailrock provides complimentary access to Hobie Cats, kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkeling gear for guests and day-pass holders. Both touring and clear acrylic kayaks are provided, along with life jackets.

Staff from the beach bar will assist you in preparing the gear and advise on appropriate directions to go.

For those sailing the Hobie Cats, the water is shallow to the south (left if you are facing the water), although depth depends on the tide. You’ll notice this if you sail in this direction, as the rudders will begin to scrape the sand long before the hulls. You’ll have plenty of time to change course.


Although some fish and wetland sea creatures can be seen near Iguana Cay and in the mangroves to the east of the islet, unfortunately, there are not any good snorkeling reefs in this area.