E-foiling in the Turks and Caicos E-foiling in the Turks and Caicos is fun, exciting, and easy to learn.
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Providenciales E-foil Surfing Lessons and Tours

E-foil rentals in Turks and Caicos
E-foil rentals and lessons at Leeward Beach with Fly TCI.

Electric foil surfing , (also known as e-foiling or jet boarding), is a new and exciting water sport that combines elements of surfing and kiteboarding, yet is much easier to learn, and doesn’t require specific wind or wave conditions. It’s an activity that can be quickly picked up by both young and old, unlike some other water sports that take far more in dedication, lessons, and practice.

E-foils are small surfboards that are powered by batteries and electric motors, and have masts with hydrofoil wings, which allow the user to rise above the water at faster speeds. When going slower, the e-foil basically acts like a powered stand-up paddleboard.

There’s one dedicated e-foil school and rental business on Providenciales, which offers a range of packages that include lessons, as well as e-foil rental by the hour. If coastal and weather conditions allow for it, they are typically able to operate from many locations, and can meet guests at their villa or resort.

Learning to E-foil

E-foil lessons in Turks and Caicos
E-foil lessons with Fly TCI at Leeward Beach.

Most beginners will pick up the minimum skills needed to e-foil after just one initial lesson and rental. Flotation vests and helmets with radio communication with the instructor are used, which makes it safe and easy to learn. As skills progress, the instructor can closely follow the student so as to effectively coach and provide guidance. The instructor is able to control the power output of the boards, which allows the maximum speeds to be ramped up as skills progress.

Having experience kiteboarding, wakeboarding, or surfing will of course flatten the learning curve for e-foiling, yet it isn’t necessary.

The e-foil boards and safety equipment can be easily transported by land, which allows the calmest and best beaches available on the island to be the classroom!

The Best E-foiling Locations in Turks and Caicos

E-foil tour at Leeward in Turks and Caicos
E-foiling is a fantastic way to experience the beautiful waters of the Turks and Caicos.

The best foil surfing locations, especially for beginners, essentially only require enough depth for the foil mast on the board (4-5 feet or 1.2-1.5 meters) and calm water conditions. The Turks and Caicos and the island of Providenciales offer many exceptional e-foiling locations, and many spots at Grace Bay are often suitable for this water sport.

Leeward Beach near Leeward Going Through, Sapodilla Bay Beach, and Turtle Tail Beach are great spots as they tend to often be very calm and sheltered from the typical east-southeast trade winds. On the wonderful calm days, which we often get a couple of times per month, the spectacular beaches and bays throughout our islands become perfect for e-foiling, and zipping around the beaches at Half Moon Bay, Water Cay, and Pine Cay is an incredible experience.

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