West Harbour Bluff, Providenciales.
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Ocean Outback Adventures Sapodilla Bay, Providenciales

The Ocean Outback adventure at West Harbour Bluff.

Guided by Captain Bill, Ocean Outback Adventures is one of the oldest boat tour excursions on Providenciales and offers catamaran powerboat trips to the beautiful southwest coast and West Harbour Bluff area of Providenciales. Ocean Outback’s large 40 foot glass bottom catamaran is stable and great for children, and drinks and snacks are included. The vessel offers both shade and sun decks, and has a bathroom as well.


To book, call +1 (649) 333-0824. General tours are offered every Tuesday, and private excursions are also available.

Sights and Attractions

There are many fascinating yet often overlooked natural and historical sights at the remote West Harbour Bluff.

Pirates Cave and Split Rock

Captain Bill's cruise stops a the Pirate's Cave, located on the western coast of Providenciales.

One of the most popular features at West Harbour Bluff is a small yet spectacular cave, commonly referred to as the Pirates Cave. At low tide, a small beach is found at the cave, and ladders lead from inside to the cliffs above.

The small cave was formed by the Karst process and hides an incredibly uncommon tempestite fossilized conch feature on its north wall. This site was also visited by famous early 1900s anthropologist Theo de Booy, who found pre-Columbian Taino artefacts and ceramics in the cave.

On top of the cliffs and peninsula at West Harbour Bluff are beautiful rock inscriptions from centuries past. These carvings were left by shipwrecked sailors, and the dates and ship names inscribed match old insurance records and registries in archives.

At the extreme point of the peninsula is split rock. This obvious and imposing rock is topped by an osprey nest, and the majestic birds can be seen soaring on the updrafts. Brave souls have jumped off the cliff on the south side of the peninsula into the water 30 feet below, but be on the lookout for rocks and sharks!

West Harbour Bluff is a sensitive area, with natural and historical significance. Please do not touch or damage any of the fossils or intricate cave features. Do not leave graffiti, or carve inscriptions into the cave or surrounding limestone on the peninsula. Please be careful not to step on the historical rock inscriptions.

Bonefish Point

Snorkelling equipment, drinks, and snacks are included on the cruise.

Bonefish Point is also found in the West Harbour Bluff area, and offers a tranquil beach and dune environment. This sandy point is near the entrance to the Frenchman’s Creek Nature Reserve wetland system, so herons, egrets, stingrays, small sharks and pelicans abound.

Turtle Rock

Another popular stop on the tour is Turtle Rock. This isolated limestone cay is a very interesting spot to explore. The rock split in half at some time in the distant past, and the channel through the centre now hides some beautiful snorkelling. Large channel crabs and lobsters hide in the crevices, groupers and snappers school in the sheltered overhangs, and spotted eagle rays can be seen gliding through the water near the cay. There’s also a small shipwreck nearby!

The 40' glass-bottom catamaran includes two decks and bathroom facilities.

Map & Location

Located in Sapodilla Bay

The scenic and sheltered Sapodilla Bay Beach is found near Chalk Sound on Providenciales. Like Taylor Bay, the water here is shallow, calm and typically a little warmer than at the other beaches. One of the smaller beaches on the island, Taylor Bay can get a bit crowded. More about Sapodilla Bay →

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