Caicos Bakery is located at Caicos Cafe Plaza in Grace Bay.
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Caicos Bakery

Caicos Café Plaza, 295 Grace Bay Road, Grace Bay, Providenciales
Opening Hours
Open Monday–Saturday 7:30 AM–3:30 PM
The baked goods at Caicos Bakery are created fresh every day.

Tucked away in the Caicos Cafe Plaza in Grace Bay, Caicos Bakery is an authentic French bakery that serves a variety of croissants, pastries, breads, and sandwiches baked fresh daily.

Owned by Eric Cuvillon and Tatiana Milovanovic, the small bakery with its trademark lemon-colored walls started as solely a wholesale bakery. Today, the bakery still sells its breads and other fresh baked goods wholesale for local resorts, restaurants, and other businesses, but it’s also a go-to for breakfast and coffee, for both locals and tourists.

Although Caicos Bakery is small in size (six customers might find themselves in a tight squeeze), its assortment of baked goods is anything but. For those who crave something savory in the morning, there are plenty of options to choose from, including ham and cheese croissants, quiches, personal pizzas, sausage rolls, and focaccia. There are also plain croissants for patrons who are looking for something light and simple.

For those with a sweet tooth, the options are seemingly endless. There are a variety of French pastries to choose from, including raisin, cherry, apple, blueberry, and classic chocolate (or pain au chocolat, in French). Visitors will also find almond croissants sprinkled with powdered sugar, beignets filled with jam or custard, apple tarts, fruit tarts, eclairs, and more.

Looking for lunch? Caicos Bakery can help with that, too. Patrons can opt for one of the savory options such as a ham and cheese croissant, quiche (spinach or ham), or personal pizza. However, they can also choose from one of the bakery’s signature sandwiches: ham and cheese (with or without boiled eggs), as well as tuna with egg. Both options come with lettuce and tomato, and are served on the bakery’s fresh sub-style bread. They’re also one of the more affordable lunch options on the island.

Take note, there is often a morning rush at the bakery, so if you have your heart set on something particular from the bakery, be sure to get there early as the quantities are limited and they often run out of certain baked goods before mid-day. But no matter the time of day, patrons will always find freshly brewed coffee by local coffee business TCI Coffee Roasters.

Ambiance and Seating

While there’s no indoor seating at the bakery, visitors will find comfortable benches and a table outside on the lawn of the Caicos Café Plaza to enjoy their baked goods and coffee. The area is quiet and picturesque, surrounded by green shrubbery and palm trees, as well as a large shady poinciana tree that serves as the plaza’s centerpiece.

For those who prefer to make lunch at home or at their hotel, the bakery also offers freshly baked breads every day to elevate your own homemade sandwich. There are a variety of breads to choose from, from farm-style to sub rolls (with both white and whole wheat options). Like everything else at Caicos Bakery, the breads are pleasantly affordable and will certainly make any homemade sandwich that much more delicious.

Catering and Special Orders

Have something to celebrate? Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding, a graduation, or an anniversary, Caicos Bakery also offers custom cakes to add something sweet to any celebration. The only catch is this: You can’t call the bakery to place your order. Those hoping to place their custom order must stop by the bakery in person to put their request in. But with the bakery’s convenient location in Grace Bay, this doesn’t pose much of a problem and is worth the trip.

Caicos Café Plaza is also home to other shops including Maxime Le Salon next door to the bakery, for those in need of a haircut, as well as Atelys Jewelry—a local jeweler that makes unique pieces using larimar, sea glass, and more for those in search of the perfect souvenir to bring back home. There’s also the plaza’s namesake, Caicos Café, which opens in the evenings for dinner, and L&M Minimart, which is a great pit stop for snacks and soft drinks.

Beyond the bakery, visitors to Caicos Café Plaza will certainly enjoy the ambiance of the plaza and a stroll along the deck to peek into all the shops for some shopping.

Located at Caicos Café Plaza

Caicos Café Plaza is a small retail and dining enclave, centrally located in Grace Bay. Onsite is the popular Caicos Café gourmet restaurant, a bakery, several shops and galleries, and professional services. The plaza is within walking distance of many hotels and resorts.