Several small beaches are found between the cliffs here.
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Haulover Point

Middle Caicos
Beach Information
No Lifeguard
No Rock Balancing
Coral Sumac Trees
Risk of Falling
Hidden Dangers
Remote Location
Rough Roads
Dangerous Currents
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The Haulover Point, Gambol Point, Cow Hill Point, and East Harbour Creek Point are a collection of limestone outcroppings on northeast Middle Caicos. The general area is quite beautiful, very secluded, and difficult to access. Wildlife abounds.
4-star rating for Haulover Point by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands
The hills and bluffs of Haulover Point Beach.

Haulover Point is a remote and beautiful area on Middle Caicos is found on the east side of the island. The beaches here vary a bit—some spots are sheltered and shallow and others are a bit rougher. Haulover Plantation is located approximately halfway on the road to Haulover Point.

The Haulover beaches are not a great place for swimming or snorkeling, however, they are excellent for general exploring and flotsam beachcombing. The cliffs and coastal hills in the area also offer amazing vistas.

When the ocean and tides offer good visibility, the cliffs nearby are a good spot to watch for large fish and sharks in the water below.

Off the eastern side of the coast is Tony Rock (a high limestone isle).

The Scenic Drive

Haulover Pond, Middle Caicos.

Haulover Point itself isn’t as spectacular as some of the other beaches on Middle Caicos and North Caicos, however, part of the attraction of the site is the beautiful surrounding terrain.

On the drive out you’ll pass Lorimers Creek and Haulover ponds, two adjacent yet quite different wetlands. If you continue southeast from Haulover Point, you’ll find Wild Cow Run and Cedar Point, both of which are secluded and impressively beautiful.

We advise driving with care when in the area and to avoiding sandy patches. Cellular coverage can be spotty, and it can be quite the hike to get assistance. We also recommend bringing plenty of drinking water for these reasons as well.

East Harbour Creek in the Haulover Point area.