The view of the colonial cannon and ocean from the peak of Little Bluff Lookout Little Bluff Lookout and Northwest Point, Salt Cay.
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Planning Your Salt Cay Day Trip

Breaking wave at North Bay Beach in the Turks and Caicos
North Bay Beach, Salt Cay. Although much of the Salt Cay coastline is rocky to varying degrees, North Bay offers a beautiful and typically sheltered beach.

The tiny island of Salt Cay provides a unique experience—a Caribbean destination complete with exceptional beaches that remains unmarred by modern tourism development.

As part of the Turks Islands group, Salt Cay is found 70 miles (114 km) southeast of Providenciales. The quiet island has a population of under 100.

Salt Cay’s primary draws are its world-renowned diving and humpback whale watching, yet the historical salt salinas and buildings, beautiful coastlines, and overall atmosphere are in our opinion just as much of an attraction.

Salt Cay is laid-back and tranquil, and there simply isn’t the bustle and crowds that so many other destinations have. You’ll often have miles of secluded beach to yourself.

Booking Your Trip

Sand and seashells at Balfour Town Beach
Balfour Town Beach, Salt Cay.

Planning your trip is easy. You simply need to book airfare ($200-250 round trip per person) and transportation.

We recommend renting an off-road golf cart ($85-100 per day), yet it’s possible to cycle or walk. The island is 2.6 mi sq (6.7 km sq).

Caicos Express is the only airline that flies scheduled flights to Salt Cay. Flights to Salt Cay from Providenciales connect through Grand Turk. Flight time is about 30 minutes in the air, in addition to connection time on the tarmac at Grand Turk.

See Getting to Salt Cay and Getting Around Salt Cay for more details and business information.

Due to the airfare, day trips to Salt Cay from Providenciales tend to be more expensive than those to North Caicos and Middle Caicos. For a first day trip, it’s typically best to start with an excursion to the Garden Islands of North and Middle due to the ease of accessibility.

Overnight Stays

Sea salt in the salinas at Salt Cay in the Turks and Caicos
The main Town Salina, with the White House in the background.

Depending on your interests, you may want to consider staying overnight or for a few days on Salt Cay.

If you simply want to see the island and historical sights, one day is typically sufficient (if you have a rental cart). However, if diving or whale watching are important, you may want extra time.

The only accommodations on Salt Cay are rental villas, and these tend to be reasonable in price when compared to the Providenciales offerings.


Caicos Express Airways is the only airline to offer flights to Salt Cay.

Salt Cay Divers is the foremost dive and tour company.

There are a few small shops and restaurants where cold drinks and food can be found.