Geroge Brown Providenciales Post Office The George Brown Post Office at Downtown Providenciales.
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Providenciales Post Office (The George Brown Post Office)

Airport Road, Downtown, Providenciales
Providenciales Post Office
The George Brown Post Office on Providenciales was finished in June 2019.

The Providenciales Post Office (officially known as the George Brown Post Office), owned and operated by the Turks and Caicos Government, is located in the Downtown area of the island near a number of shopping plazas and less than 3 minutes from the Providenciales International Airport.

Featuring bright white paint, red roofing, and a modern and stylish design, the newly renovated complex was completed and opened to residents in June 2019. The new post office was a welcome addition to the downtown area and a much-needed improvement from the previous Post Office building, which was in the same location.


The Post Office was named after George Brown, the first postmaster in the Turks and Caicos. In addition to his role as postmaster, Brown was also the district constable for the settlement of Blue Hills, one of the original settlements on Providenciales. He registered births and deaths, was the foreman for government works, the paymaster, and was the custodian of several government properties.

Post Office Boxes

Although imports through the U.S. and other countries via private delivery services are popular in the Turks and Caicos, there is still some demand for post office boxes and postal services.

The George Brown Post Office seeks to meet this demand by providing about 3,500 post office boxes as well as a host of other services, including mail pickup, sending mail, and selling postage stamps. Stamps and cards can also be purchased from the majority of gift shops in the Grace Bay area, or at the Grand Turk Cruise Center on the island of Grand Turk.


The Turks and Caicos has an extensive history of issuing postage stamps, which began in 1867 with the one penny red. The current designs of postage stamps have been modernized and vary greatly. They commemorate historical events, TCI culture, as well as the beauty of the islands.

While the George Brown Post Office is the main post office for Providenciales, there is also a small collection of postal boxes at the Regent Village in Grace Bay.

Post Only

It should be noted that the George Brown Post Office does not provide the wide range of financial and administrative services found at post offices in the US, the UK, and across Europe. There is also no general postal delivery service in the Turks and Caicos. All mail arriving at the post office has to be collected either from a designated post office box, or collected in person by the recipient or a courier. A number of courier services are in operation on both Providenciales and Grand Turk, namely FedEx, DHL, UPS, and IBC.

Postal Code

Historically, the Turks and Caicos has not relied on the use of a postal or a zip code. However, the use of the postcode TKCA 1ZZ has become common in recent years.

In addition to the post office, the downtown area is also home to several government offices, as well as many small restaurants, shops, and the Gustavus Lightbourne Sports Center. Although the downtown region is one of the busiest areas on the island, building density tends to be low and spread out.

Located in Downtown

Downtown is located in central Providenciales and close to the airport. Many government offices, the post office, a number of small restaurants and shops, a sports center, and a supermarket are located in this region. The largely residential Kew Town is adjacent to the northwest.