The scenic Pelican Cay off of Bambarra Beach.
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Pelican Cay

Turks and Caicos
Pelican Cay near Middle Caicos.

Pelican Cay is a small limestone isle, located off Bambarra Beach on Middle Caicos. The cay has an area of about 0.6 acres (0.24 hectares), and supports low salt-resistant coastal vegetation. Pelican Cay often hosts a collection of coastal birds, including gulls, terns, brown pelicans (as its name suggests!), and ospreys.

The waters surrounding Pelican Cay are quite shallow, especially on its southern side, where a tiny beach and sandbar can be found at times. Interesting snorkeling can be had off the northern coast.

Pelican Cay isn’t the only rocky isle found off of Bambarra Beach, as there is also the much smaller Inner Cay and Outer Cay to the east.

The bay at Bambarra Beach and Pelican Cay is more sheltered than many of the other north coast regions on Middle Caicos, and consequently, the area is the center of the very limited fishing industry on the island. Small ‘conch boat’ fishing boats can often be seen anchored in the bay, or on the beach.

Bambarra Beach

Aerial view of Pelican Cay near Bambarra Beach
Pelican Cay is a very small island, and has a limited amount of low coastal vegetation.

Bambarra Beach, named after the community of Bambarra, is typically the calmest of the accessible beaches on the island. The water is quite shallow for a distance off shore, and is often a breathtaking turquoise.

Bambarra Beach has become a popular place in recent years, and there are now colorful huts, and vendors on some days. Tall casuarina trees line the beach, and provide ample shade.


Persons should not attempt to wade out to Pelican Cay from Bambarra Beach. The cay is much further out than it appears at almost half a mile (0.75 km). With typical wind directions, it’s also often much easier to wade out than it is to return. There are no lifeguards on duty, and often no one else at all in the area.