Sandy Point Marina at Sandy Point on North Caicos The marina at Sandy Point, North Caicos.
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Sandy Point

North Caicos
Church at Sandy Point, North Caicos
Sandy Point Village, North Caicos.

This page refers to the settlement of Sandy Point. For information on the beach, see Sandy Point Beach.

Located on the northwest end of North Caicos, Sandy Point is one of the four small settlements on the island along with Bottle Creek, Whitby, and Kew.

Previously, the center of activity in the area was Sandy Point Marina, where the passenger ferries from Providenciales used to arrive. Ferries from Providenciales now arrive at Bellefield Landing.

Other than the unfinished Royal Reef Resort project and the marina, only small houses and a few vacation villas are found in the area.

Be aware that the area around Sandy Point Marina can have a serious sand flea and mosquito problem, especially very early or late in the day. We recommend that you have insect repellent or long sleeve clothing available.

The Royal Reef

Unfinished resort at Sandy Point on North Caicos
The unfinished Royal Reef project.

It’s hard to miss the massive and unfinished Royal Reef structures at Sandy Point. Begun in 2007, this 17-acre (6.9-hectare) project was intended to be luxury residences.

Within a year of the commencement of construction, poor pre-sales and the limited availability of credit due to the 2008 financial crisis put an end to the scheme. In 2010, the project was purchased by a Canadian developer and attempts were made to resume work, but this effort did not succeed.

Due to exposure to the caustic marine environment, uncoated reinforcing metal and hardware have since decayed quite a bit, and it’s questionable if the buildings could be salvaged, or if complete demolition and rebuilding would be necessary for further development.