The deck overlooking scenic Dragon Cay, Mudjin Harbour, Middle Caicos.
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Mudjin Bar & Grill

Mudjin Harbour, Middle Caicos
Mudjin Bar & Grill offers both interior and exterior dining.

Set atop the cliffs at scenic Mudjin Harbour, Mudjin Bar & Grill is the on-site restaurant at Dragon Cay Resort on Middle Caicos, and features panoramic views of the famous coastline, which is considered by many to be the most picturesque places in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The restaurant is one of the few dining options on Middle Caicos, and is popular due to its excellent location.

The Menu

Open only for lunch, the restaurant menu consists of seafood and bar and grill fare, including some vegetarian options. There are the usual signature seafood dishes for which the Turks and Caicos is known, including conch fritters and cracked conch, as well as grilled fish, and lobster dishes when it’s in season. Other menu options include jerk chicken, salads, and a vegetarian burger. There’s also a kid’s menu for the younger crowd, with chicken fingers, fish fingers, and a burger—all served with French fries.


For drinks, the usual refreshments are on offer: Sodas, juices, a selection of beers and wines, signature mixed cocktails, and rum punch.

Indoor or Outdoor Dining

Diners can choose to sit either indoors or on the restaurant’s patio overlooking Dragon Cay. Each table has its own umbrella, so you can still sit in the shade if you prefer to be outside. If the wind proves too much for you, you can still enjoy the view from inside the restaurant with its expansive windows.

Unless you plan to bring your own lunch, snacks, and refreshments on your trip to the islands of North and Middle Caicos, you’ll most likely want to plan your day around either Mudjin Bar & Grill or for lunch, as they are the two main restaurant options on the island. The North Caicos communities of Bottle Creek, Major Hill, and Whitby, a 30-40 minute drive away, are home to a few restaurants as well.

Visiting Mudjin Harbour and Dragon Cay

Hugh waves along the Mudjin Harbour coast
Waves and cliffs on the Mudjin Harbour coastline.

The restaurant is right off the main road on Middle Caicos, so it’s an easy stop during day trips. The Mudjin Harbour and Dragon Cay location is one of the top attractions in the Turks and Caicos, so it’s easily possible to spend half a day exploring and enjoying the area. The beach itself is perfect for families looking to spend a relaxing day by the water, and a stone path that leads up the cliffs takes you to an impressive lookout over the harbor, as well as a set of stairs that leads down through a cave to yet another beach.

For the adventurous traveler who loves water sports, there can be an ocean swell and wave break at Mudjin Harbour for experienced surfing. It’s not an ideal spot for novice kiteboarders and surfers, however, as the water can be deep, the wind is typically offshore, and much of the coast is sharp rocky limestone that can pose a threat.

For those who prefer to stay on the beach or in the shallows of the surf, the beach at Mudjin Harbour is also a prime location for beachcombing, offering a variety of seashells and sea glass pieces for those who look.

If you’re visiting between January and April, which is whale season in the Turks and Caicos, it’s possible to spot humpback whales off the Mudjin Harbour coastline as they migrate to and from warmer waters for mating season. A sighting isn’t guaranteed, yet whales have been commonly spotted off the coast in years past.

If, once you arrive at Mudjin Bar & Grill and spend some time on the beach, you decide you need more than just a day, Dragon Cay Resort offers seven cottages and villas for travelers to choose from, ranging from studio cottages to three-bedroom villas. However, we recommend you book your stay at the resort in advance to ensure there’s space. Each accommodation also has its own kitchen, so you can cook in the comfort of your cottage—especially for breakfast, as the restaurant doesn’t open until 11 AM. If you’re staying at the resort, there’s room service available for dinner.

Whether you plan to spend a few days at Mudjin Harbour, or you just want to make a quick pit stop, Mudjin Bar & Grill is the perfect spot to grab some lunch and do some sightseeing during your time on Middle Caicos.

Located in Mudjin Harbour

Mudjin Harbour is a majestic and beautiful coastline located on the northern coast of Middle Caicos. The area is considered by many to offer the finest vistas in the Turks and Caicos. The central beach at Mudjin Harbour is framed by a large open-faced cave, with the limestone island of Dragon Cay in the background. The coast is the top attraction on Middle Caicos.